Notes on Adelaide podcast: The right to smile

Dr Trudy Lin is a dentist but also an activist – and her primary measure of success is ensuring everyone has the capacity to eat, speak and smile.

Dec 14, 2022, updated Dec 14, 2022

Lin is one of only a handful of special needs dentists in Australia but she says the need in this area is huge.

She makes a compelling case for oral health care as a human rights issue – as she puts it, she wants to create a world where your smile is no longer a barrier to feeling accepted, finding a job, and living to your full potential.

For the 2022 Young South Australian of the Year, her professional passion comes from a very personal place.

She joins us this week to talk about her passion for this area of dentistry and a huge year for her in which she was one of a handful of Australians to represent the community at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

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