Notes on Adelaide podcast: Just breathe

Up and down the coast, you’ll increasingly find South Australians happily jumping into the freezing water, despite our long, cold winter. In this week’s episode, we meet some lovers of the cold who believe it’s doing them a world of good.

Aug 31, 2022, updated Aug 31, 2022
Kym Burls chills out. Photograph Aubrey Jonsson

Kym Burls chills out. Photograph Aubrey Jonsson

First, we go down to the Fleurieu Peninsua, where retired fashion designer Glenda Eichner and her friends dip into the waters of Second Valley every day – no matter the temperature – all decked out in designer togs created by Glenda herself.

Since she became involved in the Second Valley Swimming Association, Glenda has also discovered the Wim Hof method – an increasingly popular practice that features cold water exposure.

Wim Hof, though, named after the Dutchman who came up with it, takes the idea of a dip in cold seawater to whole new levels.

Joining us also in this episode is Kym Burls – an Adelaide Wim Hof instructor who takes us through how and why adherents are prepared to subject themselves to extreme cold, if only for short bursts.

For SALIFE’s story on Glenda and her friends, go here. For the magazine’s profile of Kym Burls, go here.

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