Notes on Adelaide podcast: Beyond the Backyard

This week the podcast changes gears, as we put on our gardening clothes and head out into some beautiful and unexpected places that are much closer to home than you might imagine.

Aug 24, 2022, updated Aug 24, 2022

The pandemic led to a boom in backyard gardening – a historic trend in times of crisis as people turn to things they can control; activities that also make them feel good and put good food on their plate.

But in South Australia in recent years there’s been another gardening trend – green thumbs getting out into the wider world to protect, grow and remake the local environment.

In this episode, SALIFE editor Penny Yap is joined by the magazine’s gardening expert Kim Syrus, with the tale of the St Peter’s billabong – a reclaimed wild place in the midst of suburbia, and Daniel May from Trees for Life, with the story of the seed bank that is helping to drive revegetation projects.

To read Kim Syrus’s SALIFE story about the St Peter’s billabong, go here.

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