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For five years, it’s been Penny Wright’s job to look after the interests of our community’s most vulnerable children. As she leaves the job, we talk to her about the system’s strengths and weaknesses – and her admiration for the spirit of young people who have found themselves in the care of the state.

Jul 29, 2022, updated Jul 29, 2022

For the past five years, few people in South Australian public life have had a weight of responsibility as heavy as that of Penny Wright.

Wright is the Guardian for Children and Young People – it’s her job to advocate for children and young people in care in South Australia. Technically, the kids she represents are under the guardianship of the chief executive of the Department for Child Protection – they could be living with relatives, a foster family, in residential care or even living independently.

Also joining us is InDaily reporter Stephanie Richards, who has covered Wright’s time as guardian in detail.

Penny Wright’s final article for InDaily – on her concerns about the youth detention centre – can be read here. For InDaily’s reporting on her work, go here.

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