Notes on Adelaide podcast: Vexed in the City

In this week’s episode, the factional divisions within the Adelaide city council have boiled over again, with a prominent councillor quitting within sight of the next local government elections. He explains to us why his time on the council became intolerable.

Jun 17, 2022, updated Jun 17, 2022

Senior public servant Greg Mackie joined the city council in a by-election just two years ago, expressing delight and promising to “put aside sectional interests and serve”.

Now, he has quit, effective immediately, citing the “corrosive nature” of the chamber and the “relentless domination of the Team Adelaide faction”.

In this episode, the History Trust CEO explains why this term of council was so different to his first – which was more than 20 years ago – and details his concerns with the elected body’s fractious nature.

You can find CityMag reporter Angela Skujin’s account of Greg Mackie’s resignation from the council here:

We invited Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor to participate in the podcast, but she declined. She did provide a statement, which is included in the episode.

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