Notes on Adelaide podcast: Culture clash

In this week’s podcast: Culture clash. Is arts funding in Australia broken and what can be done about it?

Apr 29, 2022, updated Apr 29, 2022

This week’s episode was recorded last week at The Lab at LIGHT – a not-for-profit arts and hospitality venture on Light Square.

The forum was an initiative of Light and InReview – also a not-for-profit venture from Solstice Media designed to grow arts reviewing and critique in South Australia.

One of our aims with InReview is to encourage a more robust and open debate about the arts in South Australia. This forum – the first in our Spotlight on the Arts series – is designed to do just that.

The forum in today’s podcast is hosted by David Washington, and includes philanthropist and LIGHT founder Nick Dunstone, Vitalstatistix and Arts Industry Council of South Australia executive member Emma Webb, and Professor of Cultural Economy at UniSA, Justin O’Connor.


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