On SA Liberals’ power struggle, and Bowden housing

Today, readers comment on the conservatives-versus-moderates battle for the future of the state Liberal Party, and high-density design.

Mar 19, 2024, updated Mar 19, 2024
SA Senator and conservative Alex Antic has taken number one spot on the SA Liberal Party Senate ticket from moderate and former minister Anne Ruston. Photo: AAP/Mick Tsikas

SA Senator and conservative Alex Antic has taken number one spot on the SA Liberal Party Senate ticket from moderate and former minister Anne Ruston. Photo: AAP/Mick Tsikas

Commenting on the story: Antic declares left wing ‘pandemic’ as SA Liberals’ shift to right confirmed

Congratulations to Senator Alex Antic!

We are encouraged to see him take the party away from the woke, virtue-signalling “progressives” and back to grassroots Liberal values. – Mary-Anne Higgins

Congratulations Senator Antic. A very pleasing result.

About time the party got realistic and back on track. They have been trying to follow Labor and the Greens with their weak woke policies without any success. – Frank Wauchope

As one of the ‘woke’ I note just one moderate was prepared to speak to InDaily about the Liberal Party’s decision to push Alex Antic to the top of the Senate ticket for the next election. I’m surprised to hear there are any moderates remaining.

This individual’s expressed fear that the party is walking its way into electoral irrelevance has already been realised with the party’s decision.

Dutton still has a ‘woman’ problem. – Sandra Kanck

Commenting on the story: Designs released for new Bowden housing development

It is very encouraging to see this proposal for development in Bowden.

While the building exceeds the height limit established in the Renewal SA masterplan, it does deliver retail tenancies and affordable housing, which support the masterplan objectives regarding housing diversity and the creation of a walkable neighbourhood.

The vertical greening shown in the images of the proposed development are also a very positive inclusion and will provide amenity and assist in urban cooling. Finally, it’s great to read that accommodation for people taking precedence over carparking. With the Bowden train station a few minutes walk from the building, let’s hope that the ‘option’ to retrofit more carparking is never taken up.

It’s great to see Renewal SA commissioning quality design outcomes that demonstrate how housing in South Australia can better respond to people, place and climate. The icing on the cake would be for Renewal to credit the designer of the proposal. Renewal SA, lets celebrate the design team! And please, make sure that you safeguard design quality in the tender documents so that it doesn’t get value managed out during construction.

I also hope that the release of this proposal sends out a challenge to the private development proposed for the adjacent site to deliver the same level of benefit for the Bowden community. The current proposal is disappointing due to the lack of ground floor retail to activate the area and provide much needed services for residents, as well as the dominance of the four levels of carparking.

The Bowden masterplan was a very forward-thinking and well-crafted document, and it should not be tossed aside so easily – especially by a New York based developer such as Sentinel, who should understand how to realise a pedestrian friendly, mass transit oriented, mixed use development. Although they do get full marks for acknowledging the design by Architectus.

Now all Sentinel need to do is allow Architectus to rework the proposal to more fully respond to the intent of the masterplan. Then Bowden has the chance to realise its full potential for the benefit of residents and the wider community. – Nicolette Di Lernia

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