On saving our jetties and more

Today, readers comment on funding jetty maintenance, Steven Marshall’s resignation and celebrating Adelaide projects that defied the hate.

Feb 07, 2024, updated Feb 07, 2024
Photo: Tumby Bay Council.

Photo: Tumby Bay Council.

Commenting on the story: ‘Drop in the ocean’: Cash call to fix SA jetties

The State Government’s position on this is completely unreasonable and both sides of government have ignored this issue for too long.

There are taxpayers living in the districts containing the 18 council-maintained jetties who are expected to fund their own jetty repairs using ratepayer money, while the state government happily uses their taxpayer funds to cover the maintenance on the remaining 60 odd jetties around the state.

The Tumby Bay Jetty lease runs out in about 10 months and they’ve been waiting 5+ years for some direction. What’s the plan? – Ricky Trenberth

Isn’t it amazing that more than a century ago when the population of SA was tiny in comparison to now, that they could find the money to build a large number of jetties, whereas now we can’t seem afford to even keep them in decent repair. – Robert Beaumont

I have contacted my local council about our Largs Bay jetty and it baffles me how they do not see a massive opportunity. People travel far to Whyalla just to see that jetty upgrade. We can do better. – Azsa Wild

Commenting on the story: ‘Absolutely not’: Steven Marshall exits parliament without turning up

We owe Steven Marshall a lot.

During Covid, no grandstanding like all the other politicians in other states, just got on with it.

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The triumvirate of Mr Marshall, Prof Spurrier and  Grant Stevens served us so well. I hope our current Premier has the decency to praise him for what he did for us during Covid.

He also reminded Labor that governing has to be earnt and is not their “right”, but his greatest adversity always came from within his toxic party.

I met him several times during the Festival and Fringe and was pleased to be able to chat to him. I wish him well in the future. – Patrick Wells

Commenting on Notes on Adelaide: For better or worse? Adelaide projects that defied the hate

Love this piece by David Washington. Could he please make it a series – so many projects in Adelaide engender highly negative reactions and yet seem to be for the best. EG: the Adelaide Oval footbridge and the tram extension to the Botanic Gardens. – Cathy Chua

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