On trains, speed limits and more

Today, readers comment on outer suburban transport, road safety and a two-state solution.

Jan 31, 2024, updated Feb 01, 2024
Photo: Tony Lewis/InDaily

Photo: Tony Lewis/InDaily

Commenting on the story: Govt eyes new transport plan for car-dependent northern suburbs

Gawler line trains need to stop at all stations, always. I have mentioned this on several occasions over the nine years we have been living here, to the Transport and Infrastructure Minister’s office.

We live in Munno Para and it is a hassle for us being age pensioners – and many more for that matter, young and old – when we take the train to Gawler. It stops/ends at Gawler’s old heritage train station, and there we have to get off and walk over to the other platform to wait 10-15 minutes for the other train coming into Gawler from Adelaide, which will continue all the way to the end stop which is Gawler Central.

Vice versa, when we catch the train at Gawler Central after doing our shopping, we have to go off at Gawler train station and walk over to the other platform to wait for the other train which will stop at, amongst others, Munno Para.

It’s crazy and totally inconvenient. We can never catch a train from Munno Para to Gawler Central, it bypasses all the time except weekends and public holidays. – Lena Fisher

Commenting on the story: RAA joins national body in calling for change in road safety

No surprise! It’s very sad and completely unacceptable that the road toll is increasing, not falling.

I live on a major feeder road to Glenunga High. The morning and afternoon rat running high speed traffic is a real concern.

I have asked our local council (Burnside) to perhaps put up electronic speed advisory signs, only to be told they no longer do this and that I should ask at the local police station. I did so only to be told they no longer handle traffic and that I should visit the police station on Sturt Road. I then asked if they could report it for me to save such a long trip. No he wouldn’t. I had to report it either online or travel to the police station.

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Is almost laughable that the Burnside City Council is wanting to introduce 40k local speed limits. Why, when they can’t or won’t police the existing speed limits currently?

I tried to report my concerns online only to find that the site only handles specific incidents not general requests. Needless to say I’m not travelling down to the Sturt police station.

Who comes up with these restrictive rules and foolish ideas in the face of such increases in road statistics? Someone seriously needs to answer these concerns before more people are killed. – Peter Hayward

Commenting on Your views and Analysis: Israel-Palestinian conflict: is the two-state solution now dead?

Julie Paul wrongly conflates Palestinians and Jordanians as one people, hence the former not requiring a state of their own. This is both disingenuous and a gross oversimplification, that is ignorant of history, and erases the distinct Palestinian identity which exists.

Using her flawed reasoning, why not make the Eastern European Slav majority countries one state? Or merge Canada and the U.S.? Or even Australia and New Zealand? – Louis Rankin

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