Your views: on a Central Living District and more

Today, readers comment on rethinking the purpose of a city centre, and a sex work Bill in state parliament.

Nov 29, 2023, updated Nov 29, 2023
Image: Elenberg Fraser and Gurner Pty Ltd supplied

Image: Elenberg Fraser and Gurner Pty Ltd supplied

Commenting on the opinion piece: The CBD is an outdated notion. Let’s embrace the ‘CLD’

I have for many years now been telling those that would listen that as more and more people engage in online shopping, and more and more business premises shut up shop due to a substantial decline in foot traffic, it is just common sense to then turn those empty shops into living accommodation.

It’s not rocket science, and I might add that I was the dunce at my school, placed in the corner as an example to the rest of the class. – Peter Murphy

Excellent article on the need to repopulate the city and near surrounds while maintaining open space for recreation and gatherings of people. Time for Adelaide and suburbs to increase the population density per square kilometre to create a vibrant city. – Michael O’Neil

Commenting on the story: Upper House to consider ‘Nordic Model’ sex work Bill

I agree with Tammy Franks. You must be kidding, but sadly not!

This kind of thinking is a new low for SA. SA’s medieval laws on sex workers and sex worker rights are already out of touch with the rest of the nation on protection of sex workers. – Gilbert Aitken

It’s Adelaide wowser season again. Everywhere else is decriminalising – or legalising – it.

Criminalising forces it underground and actually increases sex slavery. Decriminalising brings it more in the open where it can be monitored for health and the wellbeing of sex workers. – Robert Warn

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