Your views: on park lands development

Today, readers comment on another slab of city park land being taken by government, and Alexander Downer’s call to build AUKUS subs in England instead of Adelaide.

Mar 23, 2023, updated Mar 23, 2023
Photos: Tony Lewis/InDaily, insert pic AAP/Image: Tom Aldahn/InDaily

Photos: Tony Lewis/InDaily, insert pic AAP/Image: Tom Aldahn/InDaily

Commenting on the opinion piece: Park lands protection a losing battle, but worth fighting for

Congratulations Dr Lomax-Smith. At last a coherent, intelligent and insightful statement on the park lands and our heritage.

When will our Premier understand that the heritage issue will not go away. On the contrary, the more our heritage is devoured by development the angrier we the people will become.

We are not anti-development; what we want is development that recognises, celebrates and enhances the special and precious heritage that makes Adelaide unique. – Barbara Fergusson

Adelaide’s park lands are there today for us to enjoy because they have been preserved by our forefathers for decades.

Being there doesn’t mean they are “available” for development by anybody. The government need to respect the peoples’ park land and find other solutions for SA Police. – Gordon Ure

Fantastic article by the Lord Mayor. Communities are coming last, with our park lands surplus to requirements.

Thank goodness for independent thinking and speaking out. All because they can doesn’t make it right. – Karen Redman

There are many things that make Adelaide a great place to live, especially the actual and sense of space around the city. I come from Sydney. Why ruin what makes this city wonderful? – Tony Charlston

I’m with you Jane. As a resident of the city I have already experienced the desecration of Rymill park for the O-Bahn. We don’t want any more buildings on our precious parklands. – Helen-Mary Williams.

Excellent article, Jane.  I look forward to your next one. – Jane Clarke

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Commenting on the story: Downer torpedoes Adelaide subs build plan

It’s a rare day that I agree with Alexander Downer, but he is right on this one. Building the technological capability and infrastructure to make nuclear-powered submarines is no trivial undertaking.

Worse, by the time an Australian-built submarine takes to the water it will be an obsolete white elephant, easily detectable and destroyed by weapons which are becoming available right now.

I will feel more confident in our future when – if – I can be convinced that we have intelligent grown-ups in parliament. – David Harris

I never thought I’d ever agree with Mr Downer, but I do agree on this issue.

The amount of the “build local” premium on these subs is obscene. Either the Australian government was completely out-negotiated by the Brits and the Americans, or the need to deliver value for money to Australian taxpayers has been comprehensively trumped by ALP pork-barrelling and its “borrow and spend big” mindset.

Either way, an urgent rethink is required. – Stephen Trenowden 

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