Your views: on zero emission Adelaide trains

Today, readers comment on post-diesel rail and a rental crisis.

Dec 07, 2022, updated Dec 07, 2022
Photo: Thomas Kelsall/InDaily

Photo: Thomas Kelsall/InDaily

Commenting on the story: Adelaide diesel trains approaching end of the line

At last. Instead of the costly and inconvenient 25 kV overhead lines, the government must seriously consider battery-driven trains as mentioned here.

They’re not new and in the 1950s a two-car train carried 100 passengers at up to 100 km/h along the 60km line from Aberdeen to Ballater in northern Scotland –  not exactly flat terrain. It used lead acid batteries with 70-year-old technology and is currently being upgraded.

This technology has great potential for further electrification, especially in the Hills where low clearance in tunnels is given as the reason for not electrifying the line to Belair and possibly beyond. Batteries could be recharged at either end and could be coupled with hydrogen fuel cells if faster refuelling is needed. – Alan Strickland

Simplicity with regard to rail would be is to continue to electrify. Using hybrid or battery or hydrogen trains long term is basically just stalling the ultimate plan, simply because it requires more cost upfront.

Outer Harbour and Grange trains would end up similar to the Gawler line with the same signalling system implemented. Belair is a little trickier but not really. The close proximity of the freight line means that all support will need to be done on the eastern side of the track.

The only tunnel of concern is at Shepherds Hill, however the battery hybrid train could allow an electrified line between Goodwood and Sleeps Hill Crossing Loop near Lynton, and from the Shepards Hill Loop south of Eden Hills to Belair. This avoids the trickiness of the tunnel, and allows the train to run under wire the bulk of the time, and be self powered for the 5km between the loops.

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The same trains could be used on the Grange ine to avoid putting the wires up beyond Tapleys Hill Rd, to maintain the aesthetics of the golf course.

What concerns me most is no plans for extensions beyond Gawler either towards the Barossa or Roseworthy and Freeling, and no timeline for the Aldinga extension. – Samuel Wittwer

Commenting on the story: ‘Very dire picture’: SA’s low-income rental pain revealed

How on earth did we get here? I remember entire suburbs of affordable rental housing being built by the superb South Australian Housing Trust.

Do people expect too much of rental housing today, or is just not enough affordable housing for rent being built? What went wrong? – Stephen Trenowden

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