Your views: on a second Festival Plaza tower and more

Today, readers comment on the state government softening the ground for a tower behind Parliament House, royal mourning and paying for hotel quarantine.

Sep 19, 2022, updated Sep 19, 2022
Photo: Tony Lewis/InDaily

Photo: Tony Lewis/InDaily

Commenting on the story: ‘Fresh opportunity’: Second tower flagged for Festival Plaza

It’s taken more than 10 years but it looks as if Lang Walker will get his way and cover up the beautiful Kapunda marble northern facade of the SA Parliament.

What self-respecting democracy would allow such alienation of its historic home? Both major political parties should hang their heads in shame. – Simon Healy

A proper Concert Hall in the Riverbank Precinct for the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and the Adelaide Youth Orchestra would be a better idea. – Barbara Fergusson

Commenting on the opinion piece: Right Royal hype spreads like a virus

This was ridiculous and offensive. – Jean Cannon

Just the sort of sarcastic article we have come to expect from some sections of the media. – David Churchill

I thought I was the only one who, whilst understanding the gravity of the death of QEII to her family, was over the saturation of media reporting by then end of day one.

TV presenters all in black for days with solemn faces whilst presenting some trivia about the QEII, or worse still, some random connection that was so obscure its was hilarious. No doubt QEII was a decent person, but surely her death was not really unexpected. And as for the public holiday (thanks Albo), wouldn’t it make more sense for it to be held on the day of the funeral rather than some obscure day of the week which does not make sense?

In true Aussie style, I will truly appreciate a public holiday which was not expected or warranted in my mind. Roll on sensible discussions about how Australians feel about their constitution and who should be head of state. I think it’s time. – Maria Russo

I would have you as my King Matthew ( well for a week maybe!) but sadly as a Catholic like me you are barred from ascending to the throne and as head of state of this great land.

I saw Pope John Paul 2 give open air mass as a 16 year old and it was a spectacular, moving and an abiding memory. I have never had the Queen in my circle, but may she ‘repose in pace’. – Tim O’Leary

“Who are these people? What do they all do?” Indeed!

The death of the Queen is extremely sad and her funeral to mark her reign is appropriate. The proclamation of King Charles III should be significant to us all, because it reminds us how we arrived at our current constitutional system of government.

“Who are these people? what do they all do?” A good starting place might be the historical context –  the Magna Carta, the Stuart Kings v Parliament, the short parliament, the long parliament, the Ship Money case, the civil wars, the interregnum, the Rump, the restoration.

Perhaps an observation that the first King Charles tried to exact taxation without the consent of parliament and imprisoned those that did not pay. The start of the Civl Wars ending in his execution – after which power vested in the hands of one man – the Lord Protector. Ultimately, Parliament saw the error of this system and chose the restoration, a monarch and the supremacy of parliament.

An ABC reporter was around the palace during the “viewing” and approached an older man who had viewed the Queen’s coffin.vShe asked: ” Who are you and where do you come from”? Reply: “I live nearby.”

Reporter: “What do you do?”

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Reply “I was the Black Rod for 9 years here.”

Reporter “For the benefit of the Australian audience, could you explain what the Black Rod does”.

Reply: “You have one in Australia!”

Really? The link between the role of the Black Rod and Charles I was not lost on him, even though it was lost on the reporter. What a lost opportunity. – Michael Evans

Commenting on the story: SA’s hotel quarantine bill still $12 million short

I find it interesting that the government is chasing “returning travellers” and “guests” for the cost of hotel quarantine, but I’m heartened to see that Minister Picton believes they won’t recoup this cost.

Good. No one should have been forced to quarantine in a hotel in the first place, let alone pay for it.

Just the other day, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said, regarding the indefinite extension of pandemic leave that is costing the country billions, that “I accept my own view, and my own view is while governments impose restrictions then governments therefore have a responsibility as a result of those decisions.”

Why is hotel quarantine any different? It was a government imposed public health restriction put in place to benefit the Australian community. Why were those who were forced into detention by the government also being forced to pay for their detention? No one expects criminals to pay for their jail time. Refugees incarcerated in offshore detention centre or in medevac hotels don’t pay for their detention.

And yet, state governments are determined to chase vulnerable people for a nominal cost that they should bear. This was their policy. They imposed it. They should suck it up, or the hotel quarantine fee will end up being another robodebt. – Diane Lee

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