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Today, readers comment on a damning report into the neglect of a patient at a government-run site, police Covid staffing and online cruelty.

Feb 15, 2022, updated Feb 15, 2022
Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre. Photo: Tony Lewis/InDaily

Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre. Photo: Tony Lewis/InDaily

Commenting on the story: Man ‘left in faeces and urine’ with infected wound at Govt facility

This brings back horrible memories from my brief time in nursing at the RAH. I was a new trainee nurse in 1969 when senior staff insisted we see an elderly patient who had been brought in from what was then called the Magill Old Folks Home at the top end of Magill.

The patient had suffered devastating damage to his buttocks from inadequate nursing care. The pressure ulcer resulting from him not being rotated adequately and wound monitoring led to major deficit in his buttock tissue; basically a massive hole where there should have been muscle and fat .

The nursing staff were all horrified at the damage to another human being from poor care. I thought this kind of lack of care could not happen still. Clearly it can. – Stephen Barnett

Good job for retired SAAS staff and doctors and nurses as auditors working independently from the health system, checking up on the care of our elderly and infirm.

Apologies are only as good as the corrective action taken to ensure this never happens again. – John Hutchins

This is yet another, and distressing, example of the Government’s failure to care for patients who should be managed within the hospital system.

It is reprehensible that this man should have languished in a Transition to Home facility run by the Department of Human Services rather than by SA Health.

The Government’s heartless and cost-cutting outsourcing of health care into community and non-hospital settings is a dangerous attempt at window dressing in an attempt to hide the parlous state of our hospital services. – Warren Jones

Commenting on the story: Police union blasts COVID directions as staffing shortfall ‘threatens community safety’

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This is all very interesting to hear but how come if there is such a shortage of police on the ground, our business had not one or two but three police officers walk into our business (last) Tuesday at 11.30 am to check that we had the most up to date COVID plan printed out?

For my staff, quite an intimidating experience. – Corinna Steeb, CEO Prancing Pony Brewery

Commenting on the opinion piece: Ali Clarke: The era of relentless cruelty

Ali, my first response to your piece was “good on you!” I usually steer well away from social media for that reason – people hating because they can.
I felt the family deserved that money (however much), to enable them to put space between them and the vultures. Also money for future needs for Chloe and their own mental health needs. It isn’t something you just wake up from unscathed. Thank you for highlighting this issue. – Sue Jacquier

Thank you Ali for your intelligent comments. I’m not on Twitter or Facebook those days because I noticed that most contributors are not the sharpest knife in the kitchen drawer and it is no good to ague with idiots because you will lose; they have so much experience.

Anyway I’m looking forward to your future comments. – Johan Overbeeke

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