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Today, readers comment on the ordeal of an ICAC investigation, the planned Convention Centre annexe, Nationals leadership and poetry.

Jun 22, 2021, updated Jun 22, 2021
Georgina Vasilevski returns to Lot Fourteen  for the first time since being stood down in 2018. Photo: Tony Lewis / InDaily

Georgina Vasilevski returns to Lot Fourteen for the first time since being stood down in 2018. Photo: Tony Lewis / InDaily

Commenting on the story: ‘I just want to be normal again’: Ex-exec warns ICAC scandal ‘can happen to anyone’

Now that these two public servants have had their lives ruined, how will the government compensate them? One would hope that their legal costs, plus an ex-gratia payment to compensate for the loss of salary.

What will happen to the disgruntled Renewal SA employee who made the complaint? Why did the process take three years? Former Commissioner Lander did say he did not have enough resources and asked for more, but the Treasurer said no. – Geoff Sauer

The wheels of justice usually turn slowly. In this case the wheels of injustice destroyed a career.

The time taken to bring this matter to finality, and the lack of proof, amount to abysmal and unacceptable performance. That should be enough for the blow torch to be applied to those responsible, and a major review of the professional capacity and procedures of ICAC to be done. – Michael Schilling

Someone I know went through a similar situation as a relatively junior public servant. He was suspended for months, treated by investigators/police as if he was guilty, and then everything was dropped.

No reintegration plan to help him when he went back to work. He still has ongoing confidence, anxiety and anger management issues he never used to have.

No public sector plan or desire to look after him during or after his ordeal. It’s a disgrace. – Peter Ward

That the so-called justice system can treat people this way is beneath contempt. It tends to destroy any faith that one might have had in ICAC. It places the police and DPP in a terrible light. If there was no evidence, how did it go on for so long?

These people must be given their jobs back and be financially compensated.

They should get a public apology from ICAC and DPP. Finally, we should be told what steps will be taken to make sure no-one else is ever treated this way. – Anthony Thomas

This is a shocker, akin to the Coward’s Castle of parliament. In my group it would have been sorted in a heartbeat.

These people deserve a full public apology. – John George

Commenting on the story: Marshall’s city arena to cost $80m a year to run

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Why the headline of cost to taxpayers of $80m if it will generate $100m in income? Doesn’t that mean we will get a $20mil return to taxpayers? It has been a long time since I studied maths- what have I missed? – Gerald Martin

A concert hall would be better. We have a world-class orchestra without a suitable concert hall – the only Australian orchestra in that situation.

Further, Adelaide is the only World Music City in Australia, but is the only World Music City without a concert hall. – Barbara Fergusson

Commenting on the story: Joyce rolls McCormack to return as deputy PM

I think we have had enough of Barnaby Joyce. Can’t the Nationals find someone else? – Philippa King

As far as I am concerned the Nationals can choose whoever they want to lead their mob, but what I do object to most strongly is that that person automatically fills the role of Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.

That fact, coupled with the Nationals’ position on climate change means that there is no way I could consider voting for such a Coalition. – David Plumridge

Commenting on the story: Poem: The Unforgiving Mirror

Well done Sue, in keeping with your usual quirky tone, which our own selves are then encouraged to imitate, in all honesty. – Ros Schulz

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