Your views: on medi-hotel staff vaccination, EV tax, A-League and fearless critics

Today, readers comment on voluntary vaccination, encouraging electric vehicle use, getting fans back to stadiums and calling out mediocrity.

Apr 15, 2021, updated Apr 15, 2021
The Pullman medi-hotel in Adelaide's Hindmarsh Square. Photo: Stephanie Richards/InDaily

The Pullman medi-hotel in Adelaide's Hindmarsh Square. Photo: Stephanie Richards/InDaily

Commenting on the story: Medi-hotel workers refusing vaccine as SA records eight new cases

When I applied in 2017 for a casual Mental Health Nursing position with SA Health (CNALHN), I was required to show evidence of my health status as well as recent vaccinations.

Forms were provided to take to my GP for completion and updated vaccines provided by GP. This was part of the standard application process. I have also heard that aged care facilities could request their care workers have a fluvax. 

I am totally baffled by Wade’s comment that “Our health workers are Australian citizens – they have the same commitment from the Australian Government and the SA Government as any other Australian citizen, which is that this vaccine is voluntary.” – Stephen Merrett

I was at a testing centre today and asked the traffic controllers and testers that I was in contact with whether they had been vaccinated. 

The three staff that I asked had not been. They all stated that they were keen to be vaccinated and felt at risk, but had not been offered vaccination. – Barry Savva

Commenting on the story: Electric vehicle tax leaves SA stalled at innovation gate

Craig Wilkins makes excellent points as to why SA should encourage Electric Vehicles (EVs) in SA rather than introduce a new distance tax which will certainly discourage people from purchasing EVs.

SA has a small EV manufacturer located in Tonsley and there is a rare opportunity to meet the future needs of the State and boost local manufacturing.

Local Government is leading by beginning to purchase new fleet cars from hybrid and fully electric vehicle retailers, but the range is limited. Councils such as Campbelltown, Port Adelaide/Enfield, Mitcham and others are trialling different types of EVs and installing easily accessible quick charging points to assist drivers’ recharge.

What is needed is for State and Federal Government to understand what is happening and respond positively to reduce purchase costs to create a better environment and gain efficiencies and performance. The benefits are many and the opportunities vast. – Jill Whittaker, Campbelltown Mayor

Commenting on the story: A-League fires up while fans stay home

Good article, Spiro. I also tend to think that the rejigging of the fixture has caused issues and people are probably still wary of COVID.

I tend to think any other year the stadiums would be packed. – Gerry Luce

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Commenting on the story: Adelaide needs fearless critics

Thank you for Rainer Jozeps’ article. I have the Broadway reviews from the beginning of the 20th century and see what great critics can do.

In my view, ‘King Lear’ is the greatest play in the English language and is terribly appropriate today. I went to Melbourne to see ‘Queen Lear’ and nearly walked out. It did everything that undermines the central force of this great play. But ’The Shadow King’ by contrast, the First Nations interpretation of “King Lear’, was utterly compelling in the way it brought the horror to the heart of the undermining of community/nation.

I enjoyed the challenge he has put to all of us. Recently, some in the audience at ‘Carousel’ felt the performance should have had the reprise they usually expect for musical theatre. I thought otherwise. The drama was complete. It had to be given that serious closure.

In fact, I admired the way the whole production was presented with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra at the heart of the action. And the plot relying on performance not settings. – Erica Jolly

I totally agree with your story. As you say, “It’s not just about highlighting a creator’s strengths and weaknesses, it’s also important to scold (if one must) an audience for accepting self-indulgence, for believing the masquerade of mediocrity or inauthenticity.”

My wife and I see at lot of shows or have done apart from last year (bummer). I often sit there and shake my head, people laugh at the most ridiculous things as though they’re starved of anything remotely real.

We eat out a lot and it’s the same, I’m sick and tired of hearing excuses. Why drive out of your way, spend our hard-earned dollars on a crappy excuse at the table like “oh, it wasn’t our night tonight, there was an issue in the kitchen”, or rubbish service.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t believe in mediocrity. – Volker Wessel  

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