Firms unite for a great cause

In a show of friendly rivalry for a great cause, BDO in Adelaide and Andersons Solicitors went head to head during November to raise funds for leading men’s health charity Movember.

1/8Monique Whicker (Andersons) and Emma Humphries (BDO).
2/8Annie Luppino, Garry Palasis and Georgia Palasis before the shave.
3/8Annie Luppino shaves the mo that Garry Palasis has had since the 1970s.
4/8Annie Luppino, Garry Palasis and Georgia Palasis post shave.
5/8 Leigh Richardson (Andersons), Madelaina Mestroni (Andersons) and Sharon Richardson (Andersons).
6/8Felix Hoelscher (Andersons) and Josh Carver (BDO).
7/8Denise Hartmann (Andersons), Melanie Roman (Andersons), Katie Scott (Andersons) and Monique Whicker (Andersons).
8/8Michael Lanzilli (BDO) and Jack Semmens (Andersons).
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