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Local emerging creatives Chloe Noble, Danny Jarratt, Miriam Sims and Neville Cichon have given a collection of stobie poles in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield a facelift thanks to the Helpmann Academy SA Power Networks Stobie Pole Project.

Oct 20, 2022, updated Oct 21, 2022
Chloe Noble with one of the Stobie Pole Project works. Photo: Jack Fenby

Chloe Noble with one of the Stobie Pole Project works. Photo: Jack Fenby

A partnership between Helpmann Academy and SA Power Networks, the project paired the four emerging creatives with an established artist to help create a number of eye-catching and reflective designs over six months. As mentor to the group, multi-disciplinary artist Dave Court ran a number of masterclasses, along with a development period at the Post Office Projects Gallery+Studios in Port Adelaide.

The finished artworks – which explore themes of community, celebrate local flora and fauna, and give a nod to the powerlines snaking across the skyline above – were launched at an event at The Parks in Angle Park on Wednesday.

Following on from the launch, Noble, Jarratt, Sims and Cichon will take part in an artist talk hosted by curator Eleanor Scicchitano from Post Office Projects this Saturday, October 22, at Parks Library. Members of the public are invited to attend (details here) and can join a guided tour of the works afterwards.

Meet the artists:

Chloe Noble 

Noble (pictured top) is an emerging visual artist, working primarily in watercolours, oils, and acrylics. Recently they have begun delving into the worlds of video, digital and installation art.

What enticed you to take part in this project?

I wanted to take part in the Stobie Pole Project because I wanted to build and diversify my skillset in mural painting and public art, while working alongside an experienced artist and networking with other emerging artists.

What has it been like to work alongside Dave Court?

Dave has been able to give me invaluable experience and advice that would have been difficult for me to gain elsewhere. Dave has an endless wealth of knowledge when it comes to mural painting and public art that he is always willing to share with us. He is a pleasure to work with and very accommodating to our skillsets and knowledge.

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Danny Jarratt

An emerging queer artist, Jarratt explores the intersection of queer theory, video games and painting.

Danny Jarratt. Photo: Jack Fenby

How does it feel to become a part of the public space in Port Adelaide?
It feels exciting to contribute to the Port Adelaide Enfield council Area. Learning more about the culture, people and history of Angle Park was enriching. Surprisingly, I discovered that stobie poles were historically manufactured in Angle Park. I am proud to present work in a small, perhaps meaningful way to those who use these public spaces. I hope to contribute more art in the future to this and other public spaces.

How did you find the experience of working alongside other artists on this project?
This project represented the first time I collaborated and worked with other artists. Through the design process, Chloe and I decided to work collaboratively on a set of poles near the Angle Park Library. It was educational to learn and develop my communication skills, specifically learning to compromise, be patient and manage our expectations. Working with Chloe has inspired us to consider applying for future public art projects as a duo. 

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Miriam Sims

Sims works across sculpture, installation, glass, drawing and performance, where she explores slippages in language, meaning and image-making.

Miriam Sims. Photo: Jack Fenby

What enticed you to take part in this project?

The opportunity to take part in creating public artworks with permanence and develop ideas I have been working on in sculpture into a two-dimensional, iterative design, was what drew me towards this project. It has been a welcome challenge to translate my ideas into a medium like aerosol, which I am otherwise unfamiliar with.

How did you go about formulating your designs?

I formulated my designs through borrowing imagery from the surrounding area, the vernacular architecture of the suburb, and tactics of ‘mapping’ into abstract line forms. This was combined with an idea of placemaking through painting a series of coloured beacons in bright gradients up the length of the pole. They draw on the imagery of above-ground powerlines and the distinctive steel lines of stobie poles that form part of the suburban skyline.

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Neville Cichon

Emerging photographer Cichon’s visual arts practice aims to translate the complexities of climate change, by referencing our relationship with urban environments.

Neville Cichon. Photo: Jack Fenby

How does it feel to be become a part of the public space in Port Adelaide?

Moving out of the gallery and onto the streets opens up access to a diverse audience. People of all ages as pedestrians, cyclists or drivers will form opinions about the work. From using the poles as a landmark or in neighbourly discussions, through to scratching their heads about the concepts and impact in the area.

What enticed you to take part in this project?

I want to expand the role public art has in my art practice, but there are many challenges to getting a foot in the door. The Helpmann Academy provided an entry point to develop skills, knowledge, contacts and my portfolio. Also, stobie poles as a canvas were a big part of the attraction of this project. From their art history and accessibility, through to the manageable scale and opportunities for future projects.

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The artist talk with Chloe Noble, Danny Jarratt, Miriam Sims and Neville Cichon, facilitated by Eleanor Scicchitano from Post Office Projects, will take place from 11am-12.30pm on Saturday, October 22, at the Parks Library, 46 Trafford Street, Angle Park. It will be followed by a tour of the works.

The SA Power Networks Stobie Pole Project is a partnership between the Helpmann Academy and SA Power Networks and is supported by City of Port Adelaide Enfield and Post Office Projects Gallery+Studios.


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