Podcast: 10 Minutes with Scott Way on wellbeing in the workplace

BDO Industrial & Organisational Psychology Director Scott Way talks to InDaily’s Business Editor Andrew Spence about the difference between wellness and wellbeing in the workplace and what businesses should be doing, and shouldn’t be doing, to meet contemporary standards.

Jan 10, 2022, updated Jan 20, 2022

Way looks at human behaviour inside organisations with the aim to improve the performance of individuals and teams. He says wellness and wellbeing have evolved gradually over the past decade but issues around mental health have gained pace because of the pandemic.

Wellness and wellbeing have become catch-all phrases and that businesses need to ensure they understand what is meant by the terms, Way says.

He says wellness tends to focus on today, while wellbeing is more long-term, and the first step in implementing any programs is to discuss with employees what is meant by each term.

Way says that even after the pandemic lowers the urgency of the issues in the workforce, businesses will continue to define, measure and evaluate wellbeing in the workforce and hopes that it is a more balanced perspective.

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