SA’s top 100 companies: the full list for 2023

The annual review of the top private and public companies in the state was announced on Friday afternoon.

Oct 20, 2023, updated Oct 23, 2023

InDaily’s ranking of the state’s top 100 companies by market capitalisation and revenue covers the 2022-23 financial year.

The list, compiled for InDaily by Adelaide financial services firm Taylor Collison, is the state’s most definitive guide to our top companies (scroll to the bottom of the page for eligibility criteria, a ” – ” indicates that a private company has asked for its revenue not to be made public).

Go here for our comprehensive analysis of the Index and here for the winners of individual awards: the rising star award for the company that has jumped furthest up the rankings, a revenue growth award, the standout large employer, and another recognising the best new entrant to the Index.

100 to 91

RankCompany NameFY22 RankMoveRevenue FY23Industry
100IJF Australia Pty Ltd$33,045,958Civil & Construction
99Aerometrex Ltd.94-5$25,361,000Professional Services
98Marmota LimitedResources
97Vintage Energy Ltd.79-18$945,300Oil and Gas
96Mykra Pty Ltd$46,140,000Civil & Construction
95William Buck950Financial Services
94Nova Eye Medical Ltd973$17,025,000Healthcare
93Mayfield Group Holdings Limited$77,580,530Engineering
92Australian Rare Earths Limited920Resources
91Adsteel Brokers Pty LtdManufacturing

90 to 81

RankCompany NameFY22 RankMoveRevenue FY23Industry
90Maggie Beer Holdings Ltd.56-34$88,706,000FMCG
89Prophecy International Holdings Ltd77-12$19,607,087Resources
88Barton Gold Holdings Limited9911Resources
87Outside Ideas936$93,024,274Civil & Construction
86Finsbury Green959$101,400,000Industrial
85Terramin Australia Limited72-13$94,000Resources
84Jade Gas Holdings Limited65-19$25,740Oil and Gas
83FCT Holdings Pty Ltd$40,125,500Engineering
82NeuRizer Ltd44-38Industrial
81GPA Engineering9615Engineering

80 to 71

RankCompany NameFY22 RankMoveRevenue FY23Industry
80Cochrane’s Transport9010$79,361,495Transport & Logistics
79Centrex Limited58-21$7,978,000Resources
78Exact Contracting$189,520,000Engineering Services
77Investigator Resources LtdResources
76Duxton Farms Limited74-2$7,296,000Agriculture
75Micro-X Ltd.750$15,005,000Tech
74Elixir Energy Limited47-27$8,970,000Oil and Gas
73Iron Road Ltd54-19$1,000,222Resources
72Barossa Fine Foods808FMCG
71Fyfe Pty Ltd8817$82,800,000Engineering

70 to 61

RankCompany NameFY22 RankMoveRevenue FY23Industry
70Fairmont Homes$194,310,000Civil & Construction
69Adrad Holdings Limited$141,129,082Automotive
67Havilah Resources Limited53-14$27,821Resources
66Clean Seas Seafood Limited61-5$69,411,000FMCG
65Mossop Construction & Interiors8621$227,820,000Civil & Construction
64Racing SA695$96,000,000Other
63Andromeda Metals Limited42-21Resources
62Matthews Hotels Pty Ltd708$69,500,000Hospitality
61Maughan Thiem643$260,980,000Automotive

60 to 51

RankCompany NameFY22 RankMoveRevenue FY23Industry
60Kennett Group7111$159,156,000Civil & Construction
59Korvest Ltd.678$107,484,000Manufacturing
58RJE Global Pty Ltd8224$140,678,077Engineering
57Australian Vintage Ltd43-14$258,557,000Wine & Beer
56Arrowcrest Group Pty Ltd6812Industrial
55MGA Whittles Group of Companies550$140,634,665Financial Services
54Guidera O’Connor628$96,300,000Engineering
53Archer Materials LimitedResources
52Rex Minerals Limited520Resources
51Hillgrove Resources Limited9140Resources

50 to 41

RankCompany NameFY22 RankMoveRevenue FY23Industry
50Lucas Total Contract Solutions (Holdings)511$181,360,000Engineering Services
49Kiland Ltd6011$338,000Agriculture
48AJ & PA McBride Ltd39-9$33,450,000Agriculture
47Silk Laser Australia Ltd492$97,608,000Healthcare
46Camms Group45-1Professional Services
45Peter Kittle Motor Company41-4$510,130,000Automotive
44Celsus Holding$397,800,000Infrastructure
43Leed Engineering and Construction PTY LTD$185,000,000Civil & Construction
42Samuel Smith & Son$330,880,000Wine & Beer
41Almond Co Australia36-5Agriculture

40 to 31

RankCompany NameFY22 RankMoveRevenue FY23Industry
40Duxton Water Ltd.400$11,955,000Agriculture
39Tic:Toc5718Financial Services
38SAGE Group468$186,325,000Engineering
37Sarah Group381$448,000,000Civil & Construction
36Mayne Pharma Group Ltd.20-16$183,586,000Pharmaceuticals
35Detmold Group34-1$665,000,000Industrial
34Thomson Geer351$225,000,000Professional Services
33BADGE374$508,570,000Civil & Construction
32Cooper Energy Limited16-16$196,945,000Oil and Gas
31Beyond Bank Australia29-2$216,660,000Financial Services

30 to 21

RankCompany NameFY22 RankMoveRevenue FY23Industry
30Ahrens Group Pty Ltd333$579,000,000Civil & Construction
29Fleet Space TechnologiesTech
28Michell Group of Companies302Agriculture
27Renascor Resources Ltd22-5Resources
26Leader Computers23-3$563,190,000Tech
25Nova Systems283$400,280,000Engineering
24San Remo262FMCG
22McMahon Services319Civil & Construction
21Heritage and People’s Choice254$379,100,000Financial Services

20 to 11

RankCompany NameFY22 RankMoveRevenue FY23Industry
20Coopers Brewery211$286,540,000Wine & Beer
19LMS EnergyIndustrial
18Drake Supermarkets246$1,210,000,000FMCG
17Chrysos Corporation3215$1,204,000Industrial
16RAA193$782,260,000Financial Services
15CMV Group172$1,671,890,000Automotive
14Core Lithium Ltd6-8$50,598,000Resources
13Elders Limited7-6$3,587,757,000Agriculture
12Land Services SA10-2Real Estate
11Codan Limited154$456,468,000Tech

10 to 1

RankCompany NameFY22 RankMoveRevenue FY23Industry
10ADBRI Limited133$1,814,100,000Civil & Construction
9Discovery Parks123$318,980,000Tourism
8Adelaide Airport113$246,940,000Infrastructure
7Flinders Ports81$276,840,000Infrastructure
6Kelsian Group Limited148$1,417,840,000Transport & Logistics
5Thomas Foods94$3,100,210,000FMCG
4Beach Energy Limited40$1,646,400,000Oil and Gas
2Argo Investments Limited31$303,312,000Financial Services
1Santos Limited10$10,554,994,335Oil and Gas


SA Business Index 2023 Award Winners


Sponsored by Taylor Collison

Recognising the largest revenue growth on the list for 2023.

Winner: Chrysos Limited



Sponsored by ANZ

Recognising one of South Australia’s largest employers for 2023.

Winner: Santos Limited



Sponsored by Business Sa

Recognising the company who has risen highest on the list for 2023.

Winner: Hillgrove Resources



Sponsored by HLB Mann Judd

Recognising the highest-ranking new entrant on the list for 2023.

Winner: Fleet Space Technologies

About the SA Business Index

To be eligible for the Index, businesses must be a South Australian entity incorporated in SA, have a head office in SA, or be an SA-operated entity, majority owned by South Australians.

Companies owned in part or whole by government, government agencies and organisations are not eligible.

Each company is ranked by Taylor Collison by market capitalisation using the following formula:

  • ASX – market cap (share price plus the number of ordinary shares on issue).
  • Private entities – estimate market cap considering company revenue, industry standard profit margins and applying earnings multiple.

While companies don’t have to nominate to be included in the list, which is based on market capitalisation, local businesses are encouraged to put their names forward.

Now in its ninth year, the Index has become a key source of data for those with a keen interest in the South Australian economy and business environment.

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