Greens call for ‘cycling revolution’ at 2022 election

The South Australian Greens are calling for an additional $20 million to be poured into the State Bicycle Fund and the establishment of a Walking and Cycling Commissioner ahead of the state election.

Feb 21, 2022, updated Feb 21, 2022

Among the other policy commitments from the Greens ahead of the March 19 poll is a state-wide cycling education program for schools, reduced speed limits in residential areas to promote safety and the addition of cycling lanes to new major arterial roads.

The $20 million investment in the State Bicycle Fund would contribute towards develop a “low stress local street network”, while the funds could also be used to provide incentives to local Councils to create pop up bikeways.

The Greens say their “cycling revolution plan” would be funded by their proposed tax on developers which would raise $1.7 billion over four years.

Greens transport spokesperson Robert Simms MLC said it was “embarrassing that South Australia spends less than any other state in the country on cycling infrastructure”.

“The Labor and Liberal parties should join the Greens in making this a real priority in the next parliament. We’re calling on them to match our commitments,” he said.

“At this time of climate crisis, active transport must be a priority for Government. If we’re serious about reducing carbon emissions we need to get serious about cycling. It’s time for the government to put some money on the table.”

The concept of a Walking and Cycling Commissioner – a role independent of government and tasked with promoting active forms of transport – was first floated by Simms in May last year.

The Commissioner would conduct research, develop strategies and provide advice to government ministers and authorities on topics related to cycling and walking.

Simms, a former Adelaide City Councillor and federal senator, is the Greens’ lead candidate for the Upper House this year, with public servant and former Greens adviser Yesha Joshi preselected last year as the number two candidate.

The minor party currently holds two seats in the Legislative Council and, along with SA-Best, is vying for the balance of power at the next election.

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