City of Charles Sturt Business Recognition Awards

The City of Charles Sturt held its Business Recognition Awards at Woodville Town Hall.

1/19Dale Wostikow and Josh Voigt
2/19Valando Demetriou and Bianca Stefanoff
3/19Emily Iona and Gianni Cirelli
4/19Scarlett Parker and Alinta Ratnaike
5/19Sascha Detmold Cox and Selma Barlow
6/19Sam Roffney and Lauren Spear
7/19Jacie Davis, Alice Hill and Pru Raymond
8/19Jason Harris, Rebecca Paris and Lara Paris-Hewitt
9/19Jenna Lee, Alicia Wimshurst and Christine MacDonald
10/19Jim Moursella, Roger Drake, Wendy Drake and Simon Panayi
11/19Melissa Tonkin and Jo Tonkin
12/19Mike Smithson and Paul Sutton
13/19Ming Ma and Billy Petropoulos
14/19Roberto Cardone
15/19Cheryl Watson, Cass Liebeknecht, Amanda Ozcagli and Ali Ozcagli
16/19Ben Haren, Rache Bunn and Dan Kirk
17/19Arthur Mitsiouslis and Mitch Fox
18/19Animesh Mallick, Annie Jiang and Fillippo Ludovici
19/19Abby Howard and Kate Anderson
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