She Creates networking walk

She Creates, a club for women in the creative communications industry, held a networking event at Henley Beach.

1/9Vanessa Mercurio, Kushla Brewster and Rhiannon Scott
2/9Alisha Rout, Kushla Brewster, Rhiannon Scott and Vanessa Mercurio
3/9Molly Mao, Claudia Dichiera and Amelia Purvis
4/9Eleanor Larwood and Kaileigh Hoerisch
5/9Kaileigh Hoerisch, Eleanor Larwood and Molly Mao
6/9Hannah Pendlebury and Giordana McKenna
7/9Claudia Dichiera and Amelia Purvis
8/9Eleanor Larwood and Giordana McKenna
9/9Shenae Comley, Melissa Hall, Elise Rundell, Tild Ricourt and Eliza Carey
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