Wheelchair Rugby National Championship event

The 2024 Wheelchair Rugby National Championship held a VIP function at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

1/19Amy Wales, Riley Nixon and Chad Nixon
2/19Paula Ward and Chris Nay
3/19Yann Roux, Cameron Ilia and Jonathan Hivernat
4/19Steve Loader, Chris Taylor, Lisa Robson and John Hart
5/19Rose and Peter Jackson
6/19Rebecca Lucas and Bridget Fazio
7/19Jeremy Brown, Chris Nay, Jacob Darkin and Gretchin Richards
8/19Micheal Procajlo and Grace Nugent
9/19Cody Kumnick and Ross Grey
10/19David Tiggemann and Danielle Georgeff
11/19Erin Thompson and Andrew McLaughlin
12/19Jamie Wilson, James Coleman and Barbra Lowe
13/19Juliet Haslam and Robyn Ingerson
14/19Hayden Lewis, Cameron Ilia, Nicole Griffiths and Jake Howe
15/19Linda Ross and Angela Gardner
16/19Linda Ross, Angela Gardner, Deb Parsons, Cathy Carnevale and Cassey Hehner
17/19Cathy Carnevale and Cassey Hehner
18/19Ben Eisenhuth and Chris Nay
19/19Adam and Linda Ross
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