Bedford Gala Evening 2024

Almost 600 guests attended Bedford Group’s ‘Beyond Imagination’ fundraising gala at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

1/10Lisa Bamford, Trent Howie and Lisa Willoughby. Photo: MILCO
2/10Jodie Banks and Gary Johnson. Photo: MILCO
3/10Natalie and Courtney Radford. Photo: MILCO
4/10Dougie Fraser and Jeremy Kells. Photo: MILCO
5/10Victoria Lewis and Myron Mann. Photo: MILCO
6/10Sally Foster, Kelly Walker and Karen Gander. Photo: MILCO
7/10Jim Karabatsos, Barbara Karabatsos, Effie Kaldis and Theo Kaldis. Photo: MILCO
8/10Cassie Day and Monique Russel. Photo: MILCO
9/10Richard Hockney and Stephen Hains AM. Photo: MILCO
10/10Rob Bell, Debbie Care, Rachael Fawcett and Stephen Fawcett. Photo: MILCO
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