Junction celebration

South Australian social enterprise Junction hosted a community celebration at its $9 million housing development in Prospect.

1/11Vanessa Nguyen, James Clough and Craig Thompson
2/11Nick Symons, Bianca Stephens and Michael Buchan
3/11Wallis Prophet, Tom Vinall and David O’Loughlin
4/11Sonia Sheppard, Alicia Liddle and Skyy Harrington.
5/11Maria Palumbo and Lucy Hood MP
6/11Liam Golding, Tony Cole, Brad McKenzie and Luke Westenberg
7/11Liam Golding and Tony Cole
8/11Bonnie Trinh, Lucy Fraser, Sathya Lawson and Danielle Gordon
9/11Lisa Maricic and Semija Agus
10/11Don Palumbo, Maria Palumbo and Janice Zhang
11/11Lucy Hood, Tracy Walker and Maria Palumbo.
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