Lynch Meyer Lawyers celebration

Adelaide commercial law firm Lynch Meyer Lawyers held its 70th anniversary at Sôl Rooftop.

1/8Jim Perry, Yari McCall, Evyenia Walton and Vanessa Balnaves. Photo: Simon Casson
2/8Kyle Lawson and Calvin Lai. Photo: Simon Casson
3/8Sonia Bolzon, Michael Rasheed, Jane Pickering, Sharyn Broer and Greg Ward. Photo: Simon Casson
4/8Barry Jenner, Steve Palyga, Paul Blewett, Jim Curnow and Joe Subic. Photo: Simon Casson
5/8Lauren Bahr, Anna Lacey, Heidi Crawford, Alice Carter and Yari McCall. Photo: Simon Casson
6/8Larry Moore, Michael Hutton, Andrew Clarke and Charles Moran. Photo: Simon Casson
7/8David Meyer, Michael Hutton, Chief Justice Chris Kourakis and His Honour Judge Paul Slattery. Photo: Simon Casson
8/8Alice Carter, Evyenia Walton, Malinda Kuo, Michael Hutton, James Neate, Charles Moran, Yari McCall and Sonia Bolzon. Photo: Simon Casson
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