Hospital fundraiser thank you event

South Australia’s Vietnamese community was thanked by the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation for raising $100,000 for the Women’s and Children’s Health Network.

1/14Thien-An and Ben Vo
2/14Huong Le, Thao Nguyen, Shirley Htun, Trâm Truong, Huong Hawaii Tran, Trang Tran and Ly Cowan
3/14Trang Tran, Verity Gobbet and Huong Le
4/14Thanh Tran and Trang Tran
5/14Dr James Rice, Verity Gobbett, Dr Erin Clark and Professor Bill Hague
6/14Tung Ngo MLC, Dr James Rice, Ansley Easterlin and Jane Scotcher
7/14Phuong Nguyen, Dr Erin Clark and Thien-An
8/14Ben Vo and Huong Le
9/14Phuong Nguyen, Thien-An, Quang Ngo and Tung Ngo MLC
10/14Ha Tran and Phuong Phan
11/14Trang Tran and Phuong Nguyen
12/14Mimi Truong, Phuong Phan, Ha Tran, Phuong Nguyen and Quang Ngo
13/14Thien-An and Jane Scotcher
14/14Huong Hawaii Tran, Dr James Rice, Michael Luchich, Health Minister Chris Picton, Tung Ngo MLC, Jane Scotcher and Trang Tran
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