SUEZ Innovation Day

Global water industry leaders gathered for the inaugural SUEZ Innovation Day with SA Water to explore the role of innovation in solving future challenges facing the industry.

1/8Hannah Fisher, Kerstin Preston and Charndeep Chahal
2/8Midhat Choudhary, Tejpal Randhawa and Mike Smith
3/8David Ryan, Wafaa Khalifi and Chris Young
4/8John Brelsford, Victoire Branger, Eliza Gruszecka and Evan Atkinson
5/8Kevin Werksman, Peter Seltsikas, Stephanie Clarke and Zoubir Ait-Mansour
6/8Grant Dixon, Zdravka Doquang, Wafaa Khalifi and Nicola Murphy
7/8Rino Trolio, Daniel Lambert and Marc Caligaris
8/8Peter Seltsikas, Troy Holst, Ollivier Ramus, Marc Caligaris and Lionel Ho
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