Sammy D Foundation event

The Sammy D Foundation held its inaugural impact event on February 22 at SkyCity. The Foundation’s school-based presentations and educational workshop sessions for young people address the consequences of violence and drug and alcohol misuse.

1/8Rod Campbell, Ollie Wines and Caroline Duncanson
2/8Natasha Morgan, Ali Valentine and Prabhat Mehla
3/8Sophie Campbell and Darren Pike
4/8Rachael Horbelt, Salli Turner and Natasha Morgan
5/8Neil Davis and Nat Cook
6/8Jamie Christie, Kristy de Poel and David Horbelt
7/8Brigid Koenig, Louise Miller-Frost, Kate Thiele and Matthew Nicks
8/8Brigid Koenig, Brett Duncanson, Avril Baynes, Libby Rayner and David Christian
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