Fell Star exhibition opening

Guests attended the opening of Fell Star by Ash Tower at Adelaide Central School of Art. The exhibition is open until March 22.

1/12Zoe Butters and Jessie Croshaw
2/12Jess Taylor, Jenna Pippett and Ash Tower
3/12Jazmine Deng and Anne Chapman-Smith
4/12Vanessa Hogg, Ash Tower, Hanah Williams and Michael Kutschbach
5/12Marian Sandberg and Tony Busch
6/12Sandra Earle-Russo and Julie Harding
7/12José Da Silva and Erin Davidson
8/12Jorji Gardener, Lachlan Zeitz and Fiona McIntosh
9/12Isabella Evans, Chantel Cornelius, Fifi Clifford and Fiona McIntosh
10/12Aldo Iacobelli and Sasha Grbich
11/12Eilidh Bereny and Abbey Murdoch
12/12Caitlin Bowe, Christine Syme and Anne Stevens
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