Adelaide Fringe VIP opening

The Adelaide Fringe held its VIP opening for the 2024 Fringe season at the Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub at Festival Plaza.

1/15Adam Liaw, the Hon Andrea Michaels MP, Prinnie Stevens and Isaac Humphries. Photo: Nick Robertson
2/15Rohan Feegrade, Katrina Ranford, Michelle Keane and Susan Richards. Photo: Razan Fakhouri
3/15Catherine Fitz-Gerald, Marjorie Fitz-Gerald OAM and Leslie Thompson. Photo: Razan Fakhouri
4/15Daniel Bigalke and Jordie Rendell. Photo: Nick Robertson
5/15Isabella Feleppa and Tarlia Hill. Photo: Nick Robertson
6/15Rebecca Haywood, Lauren Hillman and Chris Leese. Photo: Nick Robertson
7/15Jessica Torres and Woj Kwassi. Photo: Nick Robertson
8/15Senator Anne Ruston, Robert Simms MLC and Lord Mayor Jane Lomax-Smith AM. Photo: Nick Robertson
9/15Russell Bilsborow and Ryan Shipway. Photo: Nick Robertson
10/15Aaron Hill, Bernard Ash, Louise May and Suzanna Campagnaro. Photo: Nick Robertson
11/15John Mannion and Brooke Williams. Photo: Nick Robertson
12/15Tiffany Rolland and Nina Postema. Photo: Nick Robertson
13/15Vanessa Huyzer, Cassie Mason, Penny Mantis and Suhaila Mehio. Photo: Nick Robertson
14/15Conrad Henley-Calvert, Kate Costello, Isaac Humphries and Ray Henley-Calvert. Photo: Razan Fakhouri
15/15The Hon Sarah Andrews MP, Lauren Hillman, the Hon Andrea Michaels MP and Adam Liaw. Photo: Nick Robertson
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