Miss Saigon Opening Night

The curtain went up for Adelaide Festival Theatre’s West End/Broadway hit musical Miss Saigon on January 2.

1/14Zoe Bettison and Hugo Bettison
2/14Michelle Beltrame and Michelle Fogden
3/14Ryan Lynch and Michael Del Rosario
4/14Trish White AM and Joe Thorp
5/14Summa and Adrianna Osborne
6/14Sue and Lauren Dilena
7/14Sofia and Melissa Lydyard
8/14Sally and Deannah Ruediger
9/14Peter Goers and Annie Simpson
10/14Nigel Huckle, Torben Brookman and Abigail Adriano
11/14Nevea Garcia and Ingo Karpen
12/14Yvonne Merindi and Dianna Taylor
13/14Amanda, Ben and Sharon Todd
14/14Sophie Bunton, Governor Frances Adamson, Katherine Bunton, Rod Bunten and Torben Brookman
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