Haigh’s Salisbury South Social

Haigh’s Chocolates unveiled plans to guests at their Mile End factory for their new $130 million manufacturing facility at Salisbury South.

1/7Lisa Carson and Brie Vanderwaal
2/7Rosa McKinlay and Rueben Fergusson
3/7Darren Standen, Aidan Forte, Dam Verco and Rohan Kamath
4/7Charles Haigh, Jock Haigh, Tansy Haigh, Tom Fitzgerald, Sigourney Haigh and Millie Haigh
5/7Peter Millard, Michael Dillon, Andreas Reisinger and Peter LaForest
6/7Sara Fitzgerald, Simon Haigh, Alister Haigh, Carolyn Mitchell and Tim Sargent
7/7Zoe Bettison MP, Simon Haigh, Andrea Michaels MP, Her Excellency the Honorable Frances Adamson AC and Alister Haigh
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