WLASA Drinks with the Judiciary

The Women Lawyers Association of South Australia held its annual Christmas Drinks with the Judiciary.

1/11Caitlin Smith, Rebecca Jones and Charlotte Thomas
2/11Her Honour Judge Schammer, India Hopkins and Chelsea Hart
3/11Joshua Patterson, Mariah Kosmidis and Ingrid Mowbray
4/11Zainab Alsweedy, Adeline Lim and Catherine Follett
5/11Mariette Morris, Registrar Wendy Wakefield, Jennifer Hill and Olivia Brownsey
6/11Adeline Lim, James Miller, Marissa Mackie and Leah Marrone
7/11Chi Hoang, Jess Runnegar-Mullins, Magistrate Kennewell and the Hon. Justice Hughes
8/11Claire Vernik, Genevieve Lewis, Arman Abrahimzadeh, Phoebe Pitt and Sally Heidenreich
9/11Arman Abrahimzadeh, Genevieve Lewis, Hannah Cohley, Magistrate Panagiotidis and Magistrate Jackson
10/11Fiona Luu, Esther Wong, Elaine Marinas, Suli Jayasekara and Sophie Howe
11/11India Hopkins, Poppy Matters, Kristy Zander, Phoebe Pitt, Tyneil Flaherty , Margaret Cusenza, Adeline Lim, Marissa Mackie and Shelley O’Connell.
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