NPSP Business Networking Event

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters held its end of year business networking event at Art Images Gallery on the Norwood Parade.

1/10Ella Mueke, Lucy Atkinson and Kylan Beech
2/10Jacqueline Goodall and Suzie Hayward-Annese
3/10Xiang Loh and Gibran Maher
4/10Robin Moyer, Katie Spry and Alex Rajkowski
5/10Sam Matheson and Adrian Bambrick
6/10Sara Westover and Olivia Dryden
7/10Renee van der Hoek, Sam Rosenzweig, Reuben Gore and Sonia Zanatta
8/10Janice Evan, Tomas Evan, Ryan Minney and Jess D'Amore
9/10Rob Vozzo, Julie Vozzo, Phil Badcock and Rebecca Weatherill
10/10Sonja Quarmby, Chantal Bishop, Riley Bishop, Celeste Barone and Jed Coffey
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