UDIA discussion panel

The Urban Development Institute of Australia hosted its Sustainable Future in Urban Development discussion panel at The Gallery on Waymouth.

1/12Sonja Ponikvar and Blathin Quinn.
2/12Patricia Lim and Tundi Pawley.
3/12Jessica Gould, Chris Dickson and Bruce Williams.
4/12Carlo Talladira and David Holden.
5/12Tayla Taarnby and Sally Silz.
6/12Lani Rogers, Monique Holton and Irina Cojuhari.
7/12David Colmer and Samuel Woghiren.
8/12Olivia Burke and Liam Golding.
9/12Kia Floreani, Kylee Gligic and Emily Salvati.
10/12Paul Sanders and Samuel Uren.
11/12Peter Gambranis and Aakash Tolani.
12/12Olivia Burke, Lisa Harrington and Nicola Fortune.
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