Behind Closed Doors birthday

Behind Closed Doors – an organisation supporting women in business and leadership – celebrated its 15th birthday at Jackson Square.

1/12Rebecca O’Rourke, Natalie Oliveri and Jacquie Arnold.
2/12Caroline Kerkhof and Sandy Verschoor.
3/12Debra Long, Saul Sullivan and Jane Carey.
4/12Andrea Heading, Miriam Whitford and Alisa Fraser.
5/12Claudia Lantos, Thea Birss and Victoria Lewis.
6/12Stephanie Ebel and Kelly-Ann Tansley.
7/12Kelly Jamieson, Litsa Adamou, Gemma Reeve and Supriya Dixit.
8/12David Coltman, Lucy Goiak and Andrew Chadwick.
9/12Kate Costello, Jane Jeffreys, Julia Ritorto, Kathryn Forth and Melissa Tarca.
10/12Julianne Parkinson, Donny Walford and Gaye McMath.
11/12Julianne Parkinson and Jane Pappin.
12/12Caroline Kerkhof, Emma Slape, Jane Carey and Amy Nikolovski.
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