Business SA Chamber Networking

Business SA members attended a Chamber networking event at the Tonsley Innovation District.

1/8Jacqui Mullins and Juanita Kratzer.
2/8Tracy Frankenfeld, Philippa Spencer and Ashlee Wachtel.
3/8Phil Ransome, Katherine Zhang and Ming Ma.
4/8Con Koutsikas, Nicola Martin, Shane Staker and Meredith Waterhouse.
5/8Juanita Kratzer, Kellie Trottman, Kate Zealand and Vincent Rigter.
6/8Tom Hendrick, Jenna Gorman, Graham Burfield and Kitti Cutler.
7/8Josh deCaux, Roger Wilkins, David Bey and Manj Illangasekata.
8/8Josh Tindall, Francesca McMillan, Kerryn Page and Marshall Cowan.
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