Let Our Songs Speak for Us

Guests attended the opening of The University of Adelaide’s exhibition Let Our Songs Speak for Us which celebrates 50 years of the Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music.

1/6Terese Geraghty, Grayson Rotumah and Kam Kaur.
2/6Amy Dale and Jardine Kiwat.
3/6Luke Harrald, Anthony Pak Poy and Vesna Drapac.
4/6Amy Dale, Malia Wearn, Natali Rojas Palacio and Pamela Campusano Vallejos.
5/6Grayson Rotumah, Renee Johnson, Lisa Nechvoglod, Michael Larkin and Rodney O’Brien.
6/6Mandy Paul, Amy Dale, Siân Woolcock and Kate Sinclair.
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