SA Governor’s Leadership Foundation program opening

Guests celebrated the official opening of the Leaders Institute of SA’s Governor’s Leadership Foundation program at Government House.

1/11James Woodhams, Javier Echegaray, Marina Swinnen, Meilin Loi and Nick Hays.
2/11Geoff Day, Cathie Brown, Frances Adamson and Todd Roberts.
3/11Cassie Day, Bel Ryan, Casey Welch and Jo O'Callaghan.
4/11Tori Dixon-Whittle, Mel Reid and Jane MacFarlane.
5/11Anthony Johnston, Suzanne Hunt, Sarada Surampudi and Anurag Krishna.
6/11Hayley McDonald, Pete McDonald, Vishal Arya and Vandana Arya.
7/11Mimi Crowe and Chris Sutton.
8/11Rob Stobbe, Jess George, Nick Hart and Alisha Hart.
9/11Jenal Dhar, Frances Adamson and Fid Hussain.
10/11Julie Murphy, Cassandra Douglas and Pepper Mickan.
11/11Sam Hill-Smith, Rod Bunten and Alexandrea Cannon.
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