Symphonie de la Bicyclette

Guests attended a performance of Brink Production’s Symphonie de la Bicyclette at the Festival Theatre.

1/8Tim Boast, Amy Cooper-Boast, Theresa Williams and Craig Williams.
2/8Emma Wood, Josephine Evans, Mimi Crowe and Gillian Mercer.
3/8Susannah Sweeney, Lachlan Turner, Marg Crompton and Karen Wilson.
4/8Maddie McShane, Jess Walch and Jason Ross.
5/8Tom Hannagan, Nescha Jelk, Anne Wiberg, Erin Fowler and Will Spartalis.
6/8Jane Goldney, Penny Griggs and Andy Packer.
7/8Janey Dolan, Clare Tizard, Susannah Sweeney and Alex Hurford.
8/8Jack Moore, Rhona Daws and Sam Harvey.
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