Hairspray the Musical

Special guests attended Hairspray the Musical’s opening night at the Festival Theatre. The show is on until January 28.

1/14Andrew Harpas and Melinda Privopoulos.
2/14Zoy Frangos and Elisa Colla.
3/14Bethany Hall and Nicole Hall.
4/14Briah Victory and Jessica Freund.
5/14Claire Bunten, Rod Bunten, Frances Adamson and Katherine Bunten.
6/14Jamie Sortino and Amanda Nash.
7/14Jeremy Juillerat and Eric Giancola.
8/14Kristiaan Johannes and Meral Nieman.
9/14Micheal Corey Hassel and Will Weatheritt.
10/14Miranda Starkey, Pamela Wall and Annabelle Wall.
11/14Patrice Rodriguez and Carl Rodriguez.
12/14Sean Craig Murphy and Samantha Foreman.
13/14Thomas Zinn and Phuong Truong.
14/14Larissa Jones and Vanessa Jones.
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