Spirit Awards

Tasting Australia’s Spirit Awards, presented by Master Cask, were held at Chateau Apollo.

1/12Tom Schneider and Josh Tuohy.
2/12Alec McDowall, Scott McCarthy and David Danby.
3/12Bec Cooper and Craig Cooper.
4/12Claire McNally and Annabelle Trenowden.
5/12Cody Banks and Peter Golotta.
6/12David Danby and Chris Jones.
7/12Henry Mason and Nick Blanch.
8/12Lindon Lark and Fred McClure.
9/12Nick Blanch, Amelia Radman and William Dalwood.
10/12Peter Mills, Adrian Campanella and Scott Holland.
11/12Shay Chamberlain, Grace Rawlins, Ollie Margan, Kayla Grigoriou and Laura Carter.
12/12Peter Golotta and Zoe Strawbridge.
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