Women in Business

Finlaysons Lawyers celebrated the 25th year of Women in Business at The Gallery.

1/9Annoushka Scharnberg and Julia Schuleshko.
2/9Jane Hart, Tina Tomaszewski and Frances Nelson.
3/9Will Snow, Sonya Brocklehurst and Tyneil Flaherty.
4/9Georgia Bevan and Jude Coleman.
5/9Jo Pedgrift, Sam Barendregt, Jess Moore and Guy Biddle.
6/9Kathryn Lincoln and Sue Coe.
7/9Emma Trengrove and Andrew Kedzior.
8/9Georgia Bevan, Jude Coleman, Annoushka Scharnberg, Frances Nelson and Jodie Newton.
9/9Tyneil Flaherty and Marissa Mackie.
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