Law Society dinner

The Law Society of South Australia’s Legal Profession Dinner was held at the William Magarey Room at Adelaide Oval.

1/12Jack Dascombe and Elyse Ramsay.
2/12Kira Millikan and Anthony Luppino.
3/12Dale Weetman and Eri Weetman.
4/12Justin Stewart-Rattray, Kyam Maher, Stephen Hodder and Tim White.
5/12Angie Nguyen, Kristen Bawden and Kassandra Humphries.
6/12Daniel Palaktsoglou and Sarah Paitaridis.
7/12Tania Leiman and Sandra Go.
8/12Lucinda Nicholas and Sebastian Hill.
9/12Judith Jordan and Clare Jennings.
10/12Anna Jackson and Kym Jackson.
11/12Lauren Brug and Beau Brug.
12/12James Hunter, Haylie Maynard, Lucy Allen and Harrison Doecke.
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