AFF launch

The 2022 Adelaide Film Festival was launched and the program released. The festival runs from October 19 to 30.

1/9Elpitha Sougleris, Kate Griffith and Lee Theodoros.
2/9Peter Hanlon and John Brewster.
3/9Christie Anthoney, Ross Ganf and Rachel Azzopardi.
4/9Andrea Petruzella and Hayley Lentz.
5/9Chantel Crossman and Lauren Hillman.
6/9Jingwei Bu, Celia Dottore, Samantha Yates and Mimi Crowe.
7/9Josh Fanning, Marianna Panopoulos and Ryan Shipway.
8/9Roseanne Healy, Mat Kesting and Michele D’Aloia.
9/9Simon Williams, Mat Kesting and Brendon Skinner.
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