Australian Dental Association SA

Members and guests of The Australian Dental Association SA branch enjoyed a night of food and wine at the Local Wine Co.

1/8Poppy Anastassiadis, Hannah Polley and Nikki Morgan.
2/8William Trieu and Kainan Qu.
3/8Vanya Rasaie and Dominique Lung.
4/8Sinisa Lukac and Brett Buckley.
5/8Seerone Anandarajah, Prash Sooriakumaran and Sven Jensen.
6/8Seerone Anandarajah and Keng Yeoh.
7/8Maria Pandey and Kelly Oliver.
8/8Breanna Zaccardo, Isabella Ghidinelli-Matheson, Amy Cao and Audrey Irish.
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