SALA Finissage

The SALA award winners were announced at the festival’s closing event, the Finissage, at the Queen’s Theatre.

1/10Matthew Ives and Penny Griggs.
2/10Sandy Verschoor and Jayne Stinson.
3/10Maria Lambrou, Andrew Benda and Jenna Pippett.
4/10Anne Moran and Phillip Martin.
5/10Pat Moran, John Marshman, Cheryl Bridgart and Georgia Willoughby.
6/10Bridget Alfred and Cash Buck.
7/10Julia Boros and Jaynie Langford.
8/10Katya Fedyk, Gordon Russell, Volkan Demir and Henry Wolff.
9/10Alice Castello, Jess Taylor, Danny Jarrat and Jingwei Bu.
10/10Kaspar Schmidt Mumm and Tom Phillips.
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