Andersons brand launch

Andersons Solicitors celebrated the launch of its new brand with staff and guests at The Gallery.

1/8Catherine Kanellos, Keryn Hickmann, Briony Davis and Georgia Davis.
2/8Amanda Laming, Garry Palasis and Matt Laming.
3/8Felix Hoelscher and Peter Parrish.
4/8Lily Mackereth, Jacob De Gregorio, Anthony Luppino and Julia Arena.
5/8Nes Alexandropoulos, Jack Semmens and James Marcus.
6/8Rohan Kotwal, Rachel Woodward and Ben Blake.
7/8Ryan Thomas, Ben Blake, Felix Hoelscher and Rohan Kotwal.
8/8Ryan Thomas, Suzanne Pinyon, Matthew Fuss, Garry Palasis, Felix Hoelscher and Sarah Vinall.
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